Arabel the City

Arabel is a fair-sized city of almost a thousand main buildings, situated where the East Way meets Calantar’s Way in eastern Cormyr. It is a fortified city, though it has many posts for trading houses outside its walls.

Arabel is first and foremost a merchant city, famed for its jewelry, principally that of the merchant house of Thond. A number of trading companies have major outposts here, and there is always a floating pool of mercenary talent to be hired at any time, the largest unit being the Red Ravens. The city is also the main shipping area for coal in Cormyr, gathering coal from mines in the Gnoll Pass area.

The major trading companies in Arabel include a number of multicity costers and priakos – Dragoneye Dealing, Six Coffers, Thousandheads, Trueshield, and the dubious Iron Throne (not to be confused with the Iron House of the dwarves). Local merchant houses include Baerlear, Bhela, Gelzunduth, Hiloar, Kraliqh, Misrim, Nyaril, and Thond.

Arabel has one major temple, the Lady’s House, devoted to the worship of Tymora. It was here that the avatar of the Luck Maiden appeared to the populace and protected the city during its dark time. As a result, the church has grown further in power under the wise (and some say high-handed) leadership of Daramos Lauthyr. The Lady’s House is the major healing force in Arabel, with 24 priests answering to Lauthyr’s call.

Arabel is also noted for a number of fine inns and taverns, the most notable being the Dancing Dragon and the Wild Goose (better known by its other name, the World Serpent). The best inn in the city is the Pride of Arabel, for those who can afford it.

Arabel is currently ruled by Myrmeen Lhal. Myrmeen’s lordship tends to turn on the fact that she permits the traders and merchants to engage in whatever tactics they see fit, as long as no one is hurt and the crown is not endangered. Arabel’s military forces are overseen by the Warden of the Eastern Marches, Dauneth Marliir.


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