Intelligent and charismatic, Jefon knows all of the nobles, local knowledge, and history of the area. He is a popular guy who owns the best armor and shield making shop in the city. He talks to everyone and has the beat and pulse of the city. At night he often goes out in different clothes with a different personality. He doesn’t put on a disguise, but rather, dresses differently and associates with the lower parts of the city where people will likely not know him.

He uses the law and established procedures to his advantage and also using other more forceful means when the situation calls for it. He tracks foes the same way a ranger tracks an enemy in the forest. He looks after the city and tries to make it better and safer. There are a few people in the city who know what he really is and really does, but not many.

He has been watching over the city for at least a few years and has lived there his entire life. Perhaps he wears a mask and a certain outfit that identifies him as the “Watcher”. Perhaps he has a magic necklace that prevents people from reading his thoughts and casting truth spells on him. He keeps his house, that is attached to his shop, well trapped. This, and the fact that he associates with a different part of society in his separate roles, should ensure his secrecy.

C. is he more of a hands on guy? an information broker? something else? it sounds like he’s not the broker type but rather involved. does he break up crimes? does he report them? follow up on leads and then report to official methods? other?

My answer: I think he does all of these things. Whatever he can do to make the city a safer place to be, then that is what he will try to do. Work with nobility to get the pulse of the city. Turn one criminal organization against the other. Gather information and hand it over to the authorities. Personally go in and bring down those that are above the law and reachable.


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